How to identify spambots and kill them like the cockroaches they are

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Recently the Infusionsoft community was disrupted by a spambot attack that put every single Infusionsoft user at risk of not having their emails delivered to their customers, to their prospects, or to any of the contacts in their database for [...]

5 Benefits to A Marketing Automation Makeover

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Marketing automation campaigns can generate substantial results. If you’re not seeing the kind of results you want, here are 5 reasons why a marketing automation makeover would be beneficial. You’re running several marketing automation campaigns, but your results are less [...]

4 Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Marketing Automation Efforts

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Are you making these mistakes with your marketing automation? If so, they could be jeopardizing everything you’ve been working so hard to achieve. You’re vested in making your marketing automation efforts pan out. With all of the success stories out [...]

3 Signs You Need a Marketing Automation Makeover

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Are you so immersed in the details of your marketing automation campaigns that you’ve lost the connection to why you’re doing marketing automation in the first place? You’re deeply involved in marketing automation, and maybe you have multiple systems and [...]

Tips To Align Your Marketing Automation With Your Content

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Email Monday reported there are 11 times more B2B companies using marketing automation today than there were 4 years ago. The key to success is to align your marketing automation with your content. Marketing automation can provide plenty of benefits [...]

5 Myths about Marketing Automation

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Don’t get fooled by these common myths about marketing automation. It can mean the difference between reaching customers and turning them away. Marketing automation has a bad connotation in some circles, mainly because of the following 5 myths I’m going [...]

What is Marketing Automation?

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Not everyone knows what marketing automation is, let alone what it can and can’t do for you. Consider the life cycle of a plant beginning as a seed. The first thing you need is fertile soil. Without good soil (a [...]

5 Tips for Generating High Quality Leads For Your Sales Team

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Do you know who’s actively ready to buy, who’s not ready, and who’s poised to begin your sales process? Here are some tips to help you figure it out. B2B sales stagnate without qualified leads, and most companies rely on [...]

Strategic Planning Pitfalls

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If you want your strategic plan to succeed, avoid these pitfalls at all costs. You’ve determined the need for a strategic plan for your business, and you’re ready to begin the process. While strategic planning isn’t rocket science, there are [...]